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Wild Venison Chop

Wild Venison Chop


Hand cut by our specialist in-house butchers assuring tenderness and the finest quality, our Wild Venison Chops are one of our most tender cuts, taken from the top of the saddle of our wild deer.

Our Wild Venison Chop is full of the flavour you would usually expect, whilst still being incredibly lean. Each Chops contains a rib bone, which only adds to their taste & great visual effect.

Our chops do not need to be cooked for long! Simply pan fry for a few minutes a side on a high heat until golden, before whipping them in the oven for a further 5 minutes for medium rare. Rest them somewhere warm for a few minutes before serving to make for a delicious, lean and high protein meal served alongside your favourite accompaniments.

*Please note, these are sold by the unit and not by weight. Each chop varies in weight due to the nature of the product & each of our wild deer being a different size! The meat content will be similar, however the bone and fat content will vary.

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At Curtis Pitts Deer Services, our wild venison is a natural result of our conservation management to increase biodiversity and maintain the quality and structure of our deer populations. Our mission is always to produce the finest quality, traceable and sustainable wild venison and game that you can eat with complete confidence, knowing we stand behind every step in our process.


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