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Curtis Pitts Butchery Academy Masterclass


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A Curtis Pitts Game Butchery Masterclass is designed to give you hands-on, practical experience of venison butchery. Sessions are available on a 1:1 basis or in small groups of two. For other sized group sessions please contact us directly.  


As a true field to plate professional, leading purveyor of wild Venison & supplier of Venison to Michelin Star Restaurants, Curtis Pitts is able to share a wealth of professional butchery and skinning skills in an in-depth and practical manner. 


Whether you wish to hone existing knife skills, have considered attending a butchery course or would simply like to be able to process venison that you have shot yourself, a masterclass from Curtis Pitts Butchery Academy is just what you need. Throughout this course, Curtis will share butchery skills that not only will you refer to again and again, but that will empower you to butcher your own venison to share with family and friends. 


The sessions will be run from Curtis’ state of the art, purpose-built larder, allowing participants to learn valuable butchery skills under Curtis’ expert guidance. Masterclass participants can look forward to: 

  • Full hands-on experience in butchery skills
  • Breaking down carcasses
  • How to prepare prime cuts
  • Knife sharpening
  • The use of traditional game butchery tools
  • Advice on how to store your venison & game produce
  • Food hygiene & how to avoid contamination


The Masterclass will also give an insight into the journey of Curtis’ game meat, from gate to plate, as well as some of his preferred cooking methods, specific to each cut.  


Each of our Masterclasses will last approximately four hours and will be run on a Friday or Saturday from 10am-4pm by Curtis Pitts.


Throughout the session attendees will get a hands-on experience under close supervision, learning basic knife skills as they go. Attendees will watch Curtis skin a carcass of venison and then undergo the full butchery process alongside Curtis. 


Curtis has a natural passion and enthusiasm for game management and the land, instilled through the generations. He is extremely proud to harvest wild, sustainable meat from its natural environment and to deliver it as a high-quality product into the food chain. This Masterclass will demonstrate the very best way to do it! 


Curtis loves teaching butchery, as principally, he loves passing on his skills in the art of game butchery. He is passionate in helping others achieve a good standard of practical butchery knowledge that will ultimately lead to less wastage and enhance their culinary skillset. 


At the end of each Masterclass, guests will take home with them their own Curtis Pitts Butchery Academy apron and a generous selection of the game meat butchered.